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We're wonderful WALL watchers

Geography Unit 1 - Around our school

For some general background about these units and how to use them, please read our teachers’ briefing.

This is a unit which introduces young children to geography field work. The children will look at the walls of buildings in their local area. They will be introduced to some of the purposes and origins of some common building materials.

The unit mirrors the opportunities of those in the QCA unit for links to literacy, mathematics, speaking and listening, design and technology, history, IT and the world of work. It also has links to science, drama and, importantly, education for sustainable development. I.e. this unit helps children acquire the basic knowledge that will help them eventually discriminate between which of the Earth’s resources are renewable and which are finite.

This unit is made up of:

Title Size Format
DownloadFront Cover 660kb Word Document
DownloadTeacher Introduction 24kb Word Document
DownloadLearning Objectives and Outcomes - based on adapted QCA unit 116kb Word Document
Lesson 1: DownloadLesson 1 36kb Word Document
DownloadBig book 468kb Word Document
Lesson 2: DownloadLesson 2 32kb Word Document
Lesson 3: DownloadLesson 3 28kb Word Document
Lesson 4: DownloadLesson 4 32kb Word Document
DownloadBig book 1mb Word Document
Lesson 5: DownloadLesson 5 36kb Word Document
DownloadEntire Unit 1.1mb PDF Document
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