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UNITS - Science

Does That Really Come From a Quarry

Science Unit 1C - Sorting and using materials

For some general background about these units and how to use them, please read our teachers’ briefing.

This unit encourages children to think about what is beneath their feet, exploring the fact that most of planet Earth is made up of rock. This unit then encourages children to explore the world of quarries and how this rock is removed from the ground and used to make everyday goods.

Using a feely bag, they explore a range of items made from quarried materials, encouraging an appreciation of the vast number of goods we use in our everyday lives that have been made from materials that have been quarried.

This unit is made up of:

Title Size Format
DownloadFront Cover 84kb Word Document
DownloadTeacher Introduction 20kb Word Document
DownloadLearning Objectives and Outcomes - based on adapted QCA unit 120kb Word Document
Lesson 1: DownloadAre All Rocks and Stones the Same? 36kb Word Document
Lesson 2: DownloadIs That Really Made From Rock? 28kb Word Document
Lesson 3: DownloadWhat a Collection 24kb Word Document
Additional Materials: DownloadAppendices,Images, Links 28kb Word Document
DownloadEntire Unit 652kb PDF Document
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