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UNITS - Science

We're living inside rocks and SOIL

Science Unit 3D - Rocks and soils

For some general background about these units and how to use them, please read our teachers’ briefing.

The lessons provided in this unit help teach the QCA Science Unit 3D Rocks and Soils. They will also partially fulfil the objectives of the adapted Year 3 Geography QCA unit “Investigating our local area.”

This is a teacher and child friendly unit. It uses easily accessible resources, often building materials, which have originally been obtained from quarries.

The lessons incorporate a music composition activity, a “rock and soil expert” (the earthworm), plus some “fun” practical science activities which overlap with the curricula for both design and technology and education for sustainable development.

This unit is made up of:

Title Size Format
DownloadFront Cover 164kb Word Document
DownloadTeacher Introduction 28kb Word Document
DownloadLearning Objectives and Outcomes - based on adapted QCA unit 112kb Word Document
Lesson 1: DownloadLesson 1 40kb Word Document
Lesson 2: DownloadLesson 2 36kb Word Document
DownloadWorksheet 36kb Word Document
Lesson 3: DownloadLesson 3 44kb Word Document
DownloadWorksheet 32kb Word Document
Lesson 4: DownloadLesson 4 44kb Word Document
DownloadBig book 168kb Word Document
DownloadWorksheet 404kb Word Document
Lesson 5: DownloadLesson 5 44kb Word Document
DownloadWorksheet 348kb Word Document
Lesson 6: DownloadLesson 6 28kb Word Document
Lesson 7: DownloadLesson 7 40kb Word Document
DownloadWorksheet 240kb Word Document
DownloadEntire Unit 1.4mb PDF Document
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