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It's the Pits! Life in a Restored Gravel Pit

Science Unit 7C - Environment and feeding relationships

‘It’s the pits’ provides a stimulating way to fulfil the requirements of Unit 7c in a combination of four lessons (approx. 50 minutes per lesson), one four-hour practical fieldwork session and one practical session in the lab. Using their own data from fieldwork brings ownership and engagement to the work.

Pupils can learn about a working gravel extraction pit using the ‘Virtual Quarry’ resource and how this could be restored when the extraction is completed. By using secondary resources the pupils can learn about life in a still freshwater habitat and consider how habitats vary within a gravel pit, adaptations to living in different habitats, interactions between plants, animals and environment and feeding adaptations.

They can also design and carry out a fieldwork investigation in a local disused gravel pit, lake or pond and follow this up with the design and execution of individual experiments.

This unit is made up of:

Title Size Format
DownloadFront Cover 512kb Word Document
DownloadTeacher introduction 68kb Word Document
DownloadLearning Objectives and Outcomes - based on adapted QCA unit 88kb Word Document
Lesson 1: DownloadPlan 24kb Word Document
DownloadResources 20kb Word Document
Lesson 2: DownloadPlan 24kb Word Document
DownloadResources 20kb Word Document
Lesson 3: DownloadPlan 24kb Word Document
DownloadCoursework follow-up 20kb Word Document
Lesson 4: DownloadPlan 28kb Word Document
DownloadResources 20kb Word Document
DownloadClass datasheet 248kb Excel document
Lesson 5: DownloadPlan 52kb Word Document
DownloadExperimental equipment and methods 56kb Word Document
Fieldwork investigation: DownloadPlan 28kb Word Document
DownloadResources 60kb Word Document
DownloadSampling methods 36kb Word Document
DownloadRecording sheet 20kb Excel document
Coursework follow-up to fieldwork: DownloadCoursework follow-up 28kb Word Document
DownloadWeb Resources 24kb Word Document
DownloadEntire Unit 680kb PDF Document
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