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Woodland Regeneration in a Restored Quarry

Living things in their environment - based on National Curriculum at KS4 Sc1 Sceintific Enquiry 2

For some general background about these units and how to use them, please read our teachers’ briefing.

Through this module pupils will be encouraged to

Research and use existing scientific knowledge
Decide on the appropriate use of first-hand observations or secondary sources
Set up a pilot study and consider key factors; make testable hypotheses
Design suitable recording sheets and analysis spreadsheets with accurate calculations at an appropriate level of precision
Use a range of equipment appropriately and safely, recording to appropriate levels of precision
Decide on how to present observations
Evaluate results in the light of original hypotheses and scientific knowledge
Consider anomalous data and the quantity and reliability of their own data
Suggest improvements to methods and design further investigations
Comment on the suitability and sustainability of the management methods employed in the woodland in the restored quarry
The subject of woodland in restored quarries will be explored in the context of the habitats provided in suitable locations. However the work will be equally relevant to woodland in other situations

This unit is made up of:

Title Size Format
DownloadFront Cover 1.1mb Word Document
Teacher introductions: DownloadOverview 84kb Word Document
DownloadSummary 96kb Word Document
Lesson 1: DownloadPlan 36kb Word Document
DownloadCoursework 28kb Word Document
Practical session 1: DownloadFieldwork 28kb Word Document
DownloadIdentification resources 28kb Word Document
DownloadWoodland plant leaf scans 5.4mb zip file
DownloadLesson 2 28kb Word Document
Lesson 3: DownloadSetting up hypotheses and designing the investigation 36kb Word Document
DownloadResources - Questions about quadrats 24kb Word Document
DownloadResources - Science And Plants for Schools information sheet 392kb PDF Document
Practical session 2: DownloadFieldwork investigation 56kb Word Document
DownloadResources - Measuring trees 48kb Word Document
DownloadResources - Random numbers for woodland study 60kb Excel Document
DownloadResources - Resource sheet for woodland study 68kb Word Document
DownloadRecording sheet - Woodland ground plant 32kb Excel Document
DownloadRecording sheet - Woodland tree 68kb Excel Document
DownloadRecording sheet - Woodland invert 48kb Excel Document
Lesson 4: DownloadData Collation and presentation 48kb Word Document
DownloadResources - Woodland ground plant class summary sheet 112kb Excel Document
DownloadResources - Woodland tree summary sheet 368kb Excel Document
DownloadResources - Woodland invert summary sheet 172kb Excel Document
DownloadLesson 5 64kb Word Document
DownloadEntire Unit 1mb PDF Document
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